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Rosie Carney - Awake Me (Official Music Video)

@ May 14, 2017

Enjoy the official music video for “Awake Me”, the absolutely stunning single from Irish songwriter Rosie Carney.

Carney took the world by storm when she released the song through the boutique London label X Novo, which is a powerful confessional penned with disarming honesty that recounts her struggles with anorexia and depression. The cinematic video is an apt visual accompaniment for the emotionally-charged song.

"Awake Me” is a song that’ll stop you dead in your tracks. From the swirling ambience permeating the track to the tender plucked arpeggio, Rosie proves a deft hand at creating sublime tonal flourishes to compliment her vivid lyrics and enchanting voice. At just 19, Rosie Carney has already experienced more of the tumult of life than most her age. Through her raw poetic talent, her experience is channelled into her beautiful music which, at times, recalls the vivid and imaginative folk ambience of Joni Mitchell.

For Rosie to be getting on with her career she has had to overcome insurmountable odds. In a year where discussion about mental health both in the music industry and in broader society has come a long way in removing the stigma and providing insight into sufferers, Rosie is determined to help others by being vocal about her own experiences through her music and her blog (you can read more about that here).


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