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Donnie - De Tuinslang (Official Music Video)

@ May 08, 2017

De Tuinslang is the first single of Donnie's second album. Completely produced by Bas Bron and released on Microwave Music.

De Tuinslang is a tribute to the Tuinslangboogie. Perhaps unknown to many, but this hit from 2006, from Frank Hebly's repertoire, still affects many. The hommage, without a single accord and driven by two bass lines, is just as spicy and full of boogie as the eccentric hit of 2006.

De Tuinslang, which is stiff of the water, also refers to a collaboration between Donnie, 72andSunny, Amp.Amsterdam and the Raynsie designed by them. The watchful viewer can admire this in the official video clip for the single.

Available on iTunes.


Direction: Leonardo Cosme
Concept and Direction: Frenkel Schönfeld & Jan-Willem de Man
Production: George Ancock
DOP: Stijn Jonkhart


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